I have been involved with the George Bray Sports Association for the past two years and it has been a very rewarding two seasons.

The one of a kind league creates such a supportive and fun environment for players to develop both as hockey players but also as human beings. Being on the bench in the arena you are able to see great advancements in hockey skills whether it is skating or shooting as well as social and development skills amongst their peers.  This environment is such a different approach to organized hockey that allows children with varying abilities and skill levels to enjoy the great game of hockey. Murray and his team of volunteers do an amazing job at accommodating all players and situations all while ensuring the children, parents and coaches all have fun each week!   Read more…


The George Bray Sports Association is a league like no other. I have seen friendships made, confidences soar, fears faced, and some great hockey along the way. From the fundamental program, designed for new players to develop their skills, to league play, with officials, icings, and even offsides, George Bray hockey is unlike any other league. Winning games and scoring goals is secondary to making friends, having fun, letting someone else win a face-off or score their first goal. I have seen a lot of hockey over the years, but I have never seen a league quite as welcoming, as warm, and as wonderful, as the George Bray Sports Association.

Sean McKenna, 1st year coach



Seven years ago, I was looking for a Knights game on T.V. but instead of finding the game, there an interview with Murray Howard talking about the George Bray Sports Association. After the interview was over, my wife and I looked at each other, and decided to give Murray a call.

We had tried karate, T-ball and soccer, all to no avail.  So we thought to ourselves, “let’s give hockey a try.” From the moment we walked into the arena, I think it’s fair to say that we were hooked. Our kids understood the game of hockey, but it was some of their other issues that we were trying to help with. Murray and his team of volunteers, came along side us, equipped us, and with patience and compassion, showed us a world where our boys would be welcomed.  Read more…